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Banjanan’s story begins like many great adventures do: unexpectedly, 7,000 miles from home, and with a bolt of inspiration.

The daughter of a magician with an eye for uncommon wonders found herself living in India—a place humming with new sights, colors, traditions, and textures. Over time, she became close to a cohort of artisans and makers carrying forth the torch of traditional techniques, making block prints by hand or using generations-old looms to spin the most beautiful textiles she had ever seen.

Just like the bright threads passing through the craftsmen’s shuttles, she began to weave together inspirations from the rich scenes around her, stories from her far-flung travels, and fantastic visions from her own mind’s eye to create prints and patterns imbued with a reverence for far-reaching magic. The scent of fresh chai during a chat while textiles dry in the sun, the Amazon’s bright flora, the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean, and the snow-capped Andes et al found their way onto wearable works of art, all made the beautifully slow way: by hand.

Inspired by the world, and with a touch of wild magic, thus Banjanan unfolds.

After so many years in New York, I started to get the feeling everything was becoming so homogenized. But here in Jaipur, it’s the opposite—everything is slow. Some fabrics take weeks or a month to finish, and I thought, ‘What happened to the idea that something worth having is worth waiting for?

- Vogue