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Copy Our World (sustainability)


India is seeing some of the worst pollution ever experienced globally - right outside our house here in Jaipur every day.  This has motivated me personally, and us as a company to double our commitment. 

We have replaced our regular cotton voile with GOTS certified organic cotton voile.  

Whilst this fabric is a little more expensive, Banjanan has absorbed much of this cost by taking zero profit margin on the increase.  Sometimes doing the right thing has a small cost and we must all be prepared to shoulder it - both as a business and a customer.  

All our garments are shipped in 100% compostable bags, replacing plastic poly bags

We only use recycled hangers for shipments to dept stores

We are phasing out viscose and rayon (their production is known to be polluting) and introducing polyester fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

Our print colors are AZO free, as AZO dyes used in textile processing are know to be harmful to the environment. An Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) has been installed at our print facility.  This recycles and treats water used for dying and printing back into the water supply to be safe for agricultural and human use. 

We carbon offset all our UPS shipments to e-commerce customers and to stores using our account

We have instigated carbon offset for company travel (car and flights)

We continue our mission to have zero waste in fabric and garment production through close inventory control and repurposing fabric into our fabulous BANJAMAS!

A sense of community, think local, be mindful.

I live in India. The craftsmen and factories we work with are small, family run and practice responsible manufacturing with fair wages. Wherever possible, fabrics are sourced locally for printing and embroidery. This leads to a much shorter supply chain and carbon footprint, and complete transparency in our manufacturing process. It also leads to consistent quality control and close relationships between our partners. We grow together which is empowering for everyone.                                           

Circular, sustainable process and conscious production. Our craft practices are fully sustainable. With our partners we maintain consistent employment for skilled workers whose craft has been handed down to them for generations.

Shopping via E-Commerce has approximately 30% less energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to traditional retail.  

We continue research and improve every aspect of our supply chain and behavior to make a positive impact and reduce waste, carbon footprint and pollution. This is ongoing.